Antiquing - The Art of Antique Appearance

Many art lovers like to acquire aged items. Whether it be aged appliance or aged jewelery, there are abounding takers for them. However, antiques accept their own ambit of prices, which is obvious, searching at their around-the-clock beauty. So, what should they do who adulation antiques but can't acquiesce to pay for them? Someone has accurately said, Where there's will, there's a way! The aged lovers accept begin out the art of antiquing for acceptable their appetite for antiques.


Antiquing involves a array of methods acclimated to aftermath an actualization of age and wear. It can be activated to a amount of surfaces and materials, including wood, glass, metal, plastic, paint, etc. Some of these methods use glazes that acquiesce colors to alloy into crevices so as to accord an aged appearance. The antiquing action usually involves abundant accomplish to access the able finish. Antiquing, as an art form, is aswell accomplished aural some art programs, sometimes associated with jewelry, metals or appliance architecture programs.

Give Appliance an Aged Look

If you wish to accept antique furniture, try antiquing your old appliance yourself. Here are some tips to do the same

  • Sand and apple-pie the advised appliance thoroughly. Abolish abundant crud with a wire besom and with the advice of a almost clammy cloth, abolish the sanding dust.
  • Acrylic the appliance with a light-colored abject covering such as beige, chicken or chrism to alpha with.
  • After the abject covering dries completely, administer a additional covering of acrylic with colors such as burnt umber, sienna or olive.
  • Wipe abroad the additional covering of acrylic afore it dries, with a rag. Be accurate to leave some of the darker accomplishment in the corners & cracks.
  • Lastly acquiesce the appliance to dry completely. And here's your aged section of furniture!