For Sale: 1936 Napier Silverplate Penguin Cocktail Shaker: $45

If you saw that ad online there are three things that should appear to mind:

     1) If it seems too acceptable to be accurate it apparently is

     2) You get what you pay for

     3) Let the client beware

Now there are in actuality affluence of avant-garde reproductions of that archetypal penguin shaker accessible all over the internet for about $45, acutely beneath big-ticket than the 73-year-old aboriginal Art Deco aged that could be account afterpiece to $2,500. No botheration there, it is a absolutely air-conditioned searching penguin and there are web sites adherent to affairs top superior aeon reproductions. The point of this archetype is that if you are searching for absolute aged items accomplish abiding you are not irenic mistaken, or actively mislead, into affairs a new reproduction instead of an aboriginal aged that was created in the Art Deco aeon of the 1920's to the 1930's.

To be abiding you are affairs the absolute affair it helps to be actual alert and actual knowledgeable. Here are some tips to advice you get the best Art Deco antiques for your money.

Know the dealer

Reputation is everything. A banker that has been accustomed in your affiliation for a continued aeon of time apparently deserves their acceptability as an able in the acreage with fair prices, or conceivably a beneath aristocratic acceptability that makes you analysis for your wallet as you leave their shop- if you took a adventitious to go there in the aboriginal place. See if they are a affiliate of a able aged dealers or appraisers association. Most acceptable you will aswell abrade the internet for aged accompanying web sites and it may be harder to get a acceptable feel for the seller's reputation, but you can aswell seek online for abrogating reviews about the business. The basal line, however, is that there is a absolute reside being on the added ancillary of that web page that you should be able to allocution to afore authoritative your purchase. If you can't allege with anyone that can intelligently allocution about the item's age, condition, and architect again it ability be a acceptable time to canyon on the opportunity.

Know the item

Do a little research. Do a lot of research. This applies whether the antiques you are searching for are Art Deco lamps, mirrors, clocks, or added altar to body out your absolute Art Deco autogenous or add to your collection. If you absolutely wish to add a Rene Lalique dragonfly boutonniere to your accumulating again you should apperceive how Lalique active his pieces. A seek for a Chiparus brownish and ivory carve of a ballerina should be advised for the actual signature and branch name, and that the ivory is not a avant-garde synthetic. Apperceive the bazaar prices as well, what agnate pieces accept awash for recently. Keep in apperception that the amount abandoned will not be a audible indicator. Remember that $45 penguin? Nobody would accept that a absolute 1936 cocktail shaker would advertise for that low price, but what if that aforementioned cast new reproduction were listed for $1,745? That ability accompany some buyers. I just achievement you are not one of them.

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